Dog Grooming Schools in Chicago

Do you love dogs? Are you looking for a new career? The dog grooming school at Petropolis can help you find the job of your dreams!

Conveniently located in St. Louis, only 5 1/2 hours away from Chicago, IL – our grooming school has been teaching students for almost 20 years! The dog grooming industry has been growing tremendously over the past decade, and offers limitless employment opportunities. Groomers are in high demand, and many groomers can earn well over $40,000 annually.

The dog grooming school provides students with a structured, balanced curriculum, and gives them the motivation to continue their education and to keep abreast of new developments in the industry. Students enrolled in the Basic Grooming School Course will receive instruction in the rudimentary skills of bathing and brushing the various coat types found in all breeds of dogs and cats. Students will also learn puppy cuts, kennel cuts and breed specific cuts. In addition, they will acquire the knowledge necessary to trim the most common breeds of dogs (as well as basic styles for mixed breeds), learn Dog Behavior, Anatomy, Skin and Coat Care and become certified in dog and cat CPR. Upon graduation, they will have the skill and knowledge needed to succeed as an entry-level pet stylist. For those students interested in learning cat grooming, we will also cover this instruction in the course.

If you live in Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, or any other city in Illinois – the Dog Grooming School at Chicago is only hours away and can help you find the career of your dreams! Don’t waste any more time at a dead end job you hate! Become a dog groomer and love what you do! For more information on our grooming programs, and to schedule a tour, call 636-898-5849 today!

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